The Countdown Begins...


I have made it to the weekend...And it has never looked so beautiful. I have not been more excited to start counting down the days until Summer Vacation to have some time to myself. 

To not worry about waking up to an alarm clock. 
Or about who I have to give the next assessment to.
Or if my kids are going to make a year's growth in reading. 
Or if I'll have a job in the fall.
Or about a parent teacher conference.
Or a parent email.
Or a child not listening to what I have to say.
Or about solving a "first grade problem."
Or grading papers.
Or progress reports.
Or interims.

A few goodies I received from Teacher Appreciation Week last week...I will miss this.

I will, however, miss the hugs that are given randomly throughout the day from kids you would expect, but also the ones you never imagined would hug you by the end of the year. 
I will miss hearing the handful of kids who were always so enthusiastic to learn,
who asked questions, 
who were curious [but just curious enough],
who loved read alouds and would get so animated as I read stories,
who, somehow, made you feel really good when you felt like you weren't making a difference or wanted to give up for the day,
who said, "Thank you" for the smallest thing that you let them do.

Yes, there are things that I will  miss from this year, but could completely forget as well. This past week has been one of the most difficult this year as I was put in an extremely uncomfortable position. PARENTS...If you do not like the person you are with, that's fine, but don't ever put your child in the middle of your problems. Do not be selfish in what is going on in your own lives and never talk poorly of your child's mother or father-- not in front of them. Never.

And on that's time to actually enjoy the weekend. Just me, my coffee, and book.

I Love Pick-Me-Ups!


Unintentional pick me up this morning.
It's Teacher Appreciation Week! [The official week where parents and -some- kids treat you like a queen.] ...No, that's not quite it. But I did have a parent bring me a few Starbucks goodies this morning. And when you sleep like I did last night...the sleep where you aren't really sure if you're awake or not and you toss and turn and then wake up before your second alarm goes off...then it was very much appreciated and needed. [Lunch was provided by our PTA and catered by Chipotle. They sure do know a way to a teacher's heart.]

Post workout snack. 5.2.15

I'm four days down with Jillian Michaels on yet another round of 30 Day Shred. I'm doing two days of each level at a time though so I'm not doing the same workout for ten days straight. I've been taking some great post-workout selfies, by the way. I make sweat look awesome. Or I make working out quite frightening. You decide...

Day 3 Selfie.
Day 4 Selfie.
Tomorrow evening Jason and I head to DC for the Sufjan Stevens show. It's going to be a long day followed by a long night, but I'm looking forward to some music and Jason time. Speaking of what I'm looking forward to...

We have 33 more school days left!! How is that even possible?! I think most schools get out earlier than we do, but I am looking forward to Summer Break. I guess I'll save that for another post though...Happy Monday All!!

I Like Coffee, Books, & Brunch.


You think you know everything about me? Jokes...I'm still trying to figure myself out! But here are a few things you may not know...

  • I started drinking coffee when I was 25. [Yeah, about a year and a half ago...]
  • I've learned that when I can actually enjoy a cup of coffee [or five], I get motivated to dance and clean.
  • Speaking of...I'm a fantastic dancer. You can ask Jason.
    • I guess you might have a different opinion though...
  • I am an incredibly impatient person...especially if I'm lost or have to wait and wait and wait for someone. Again, talk to Jason on that one. He may have witnessed this a time or two.
  • I am a book junkie.
There are PLENTY more...
  • I get cold easily, but get super hot when I sleep. I would love my body temperature to even out!
  • I'm fairly good with my money, if I do say so myself...
  • I actually enjoy cooking when I have time off and don't feel rushed.
  • I get very anxious when I am in a group of people that I don't know.
  • I'm really good at listening unless you start talking about something I honestly could care less about. Then I tend to put you on mute. Just kidding...
  • I love getting my haircut, but don't get it cut often and don't trust most people with my hair.
  • Brunch is the best.

 Happy Sunday, Love Bugs...What have you been up to this weekend?