Defined by Instagram


A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about what kind of blogger I am. Or more like, am not based on some photos I pulled from Instagram. I don't have a definitive topic that I zone in on when I blog, but I can narrow down who I am based on what I post on Instagram. What? You're not following me on Instagram? Click that link and go ahead! ...wink wink...

So here's what I've compiled base on what I've posted over the past year or so from Instagram.

Book Worm.

Jason Lover.

Food Eater.

Working Out.

Teacher Life.

Family Life.

I hope this gives you a pretty good idea of who I am and what is important in my life.
What makes you YOU? 
Or what defines who you are?

As Promised...


As promised...[this past weekend] here are some photos from me and Jason's day trip to Savannah, Georgia back in June. [More are on my phone, but...this is what you can have for now. ;)] It is such an incredibly charming area! We definitely didn't get to see the whole area, but where we did was easy to walk around, so many sqaures/parks...Such an incredibly beautiful and historic place to visit! Although it was incredibly hot while we were visiting, it was definitely worth the two hour drive down from the beach.

Forsyth Park. Savannah, GA.

Here are just a couple more pictures from when we got back in to Charleston, SC for the afternoon. Unfortunately, I ended up getting super hot and grouchy because we had been walking...a lot...and at that point I was wearing flip flops. Note: When traveling, wear tennis shoes if you know you will be doing a good amount of walking. I didn't know we'd be walking as much as we did...However, Charleston is also a very charming place to visit and if we visit again, I'd like to take more time to walk around the area!

Stopped by Holy City Brewing for a beer.
The Battery.

Have you been to Savannah or Charleston? If so, what did you like best?! Where would you recommend going?
Happy Wednesday!

Back to June


I missed a bunch of June, so I will update you with some pictures. And if you are not yet following me on Instagram, get on it. ;) Happy Friday!

Last bunch of books I got for the summer...!
My kiddos end of the year gifts...
End of the year gift from one of my room mom's.
Love my niece nugget!
Cousins, cupcakes, glares...
The day before the last day of school, one of my boys was asking me what my favorite Starbucks drink was, recited it to himself so he could remember,and asked, "What else do you like?" He then asked if I preferred my drink hot or cold... He asked me to write my drinks down so he could get them for me. On the last day he came in with not one, but both drinks on my list! His dad told me that he was trying to go to Starbucks last night to get them.
I will try to post some of our Savannah, GA trip pictures tomorrow so I don't overload on them today. Have a wonderful weekend!