Oh, My Life...


This is my job.

Oh, my life...

Things have, simply put, been crazy lately. I had my first parent conference yesterday and it went really well! However, I have 25 more to go and I have a feeling they won't all go the same or the parents won't be as understanding. I also got a four page email from a parent yesterday morning which put me on edge and another kid who was absolutely out of control.

Although yesterday had a pretty sour start, I met with my two room mom's for the year and they were incredibly supportive and just easy to talk with. I am hoping that the relationship continues to be a positive one working with them.

I am going to attempt to keep my head up for the remainder of the month trying to get through the 25 other conferences, passive-aggressive parents, and hard to handle kids. I want to help the kids that need it and challenge others, but it can be hard with so little time and having to deal with so many students.

Here is my life in instagram pictures from the past week...Enjoy!

This was my Monday off.
Lesson planing for the week.

I Don't Like People


It's Thursday.
One more work day to get through before I can [hopefully] enjoy a three day weekend.

On Monday night, Jason and I went to The Hamilton in DC to see Blake Mills. It was a wonderful show and Fiona Apple made a guest appearance! It was such an incredible surprise! Quite an intimate setting and we were at one of the front tables, so it was a pretty awesome experience.


In case you wanted to know a little bit more about me. Because really, who doesn't love to talk about themselves...AmIright?

  • I have come to realize I'm not a very good people person.
  • I actually love watching football. Although...my team sucks.
  • I'm not that great at hiding my emotions.
  • I really want/need a haircut, but I love my long hair. [And you know...a haircut would completely mess that all up.]
  • I love my surroundings, hate the traffic along with some of the people who live here, but sometimes wanna up and move.
  • I am anxious beyond belief.
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm being set up for disaster/failure. [Yes, I over think things.]
  • I love free. [For the most part...]
Alright, I will share more about me another time, but for now, it's time to cook dinner, shower, and cuddle up for the evening. Hoping I can make it through tomorrow without going bonkers over my kids and this congestion/cough that I've got goin' on. Who doesn't love a good Fall sickness? ...Well, I don't.

Free books from Scholastic. :) I love when my kids order lots of books!

Sometimes...I Shut Down


Saturday Night at the Aziz Ansari Show.
Somehow, I got really lucky with Jason. Yes, there are times when he drives me crazy, but he knows when there is something else on my mind and I need to talk. He doesn't try to argue about what I'm saying, but encourages me and shows that he is on my side. He reminds me that he believes in what I'm doing.

I am so fortunate to have that in my life.

Because right now, yes, I am an emotional mess on the inside. I am stressed. I am tired. But I'm also happy. Happy because me and Jason picked each other and somehow manage to balance each other out. He knows when to push and when to just let me be.

Sometimes it's hard to be around people.
Sometimes it's hard to get to sleep at night.
Sometimes it's hard to rely on others.
Sometimes it's hard to talk with others.

But the one thing I'm sure about is what we have and how we work. As for everyone else, I am probably shutting down, but...it is what it is. This is the way my brain works. This is how I have to get through whatever is going on in my mind. Whether I understand it or not.

Waiting for the metro on Saturday night to go home.