My Pinterest Teacher Closet


As a teacher, I want to look super cute during the school year.
But honestly? Who am I trying to impress? My six and seven year olds?

I have to admit, I want to look my best for work, only last for about a week or two if I'm lucky, but after that? It just takes so much time and energy! We are all exhausted by that point and really I just end up in a pair of pants and a v-neck. My go-to, but there are times where I'll try to dress it up a bit or go out of my comfort zone.

So with that said, I'm posting some [Fall] outfits that I think would be great for teaching. And no, this is not coming from a fashion expert. It's coming from your average Joe; a first grade teacher who wishes she had style and a bigger budget to spend on clothing. Oh, and of course, all courtesy of Pinterest. [Unfortunately not from my own closet.]

I've Learned a Thing or Two...


Two weeks.
That's how long until I go back to work!
It's flying by...
And as excited as I am to return, I know I'm going to regret saying that once I'm actually there!

Early mornings.
Last minute lesson planning.
Obsessing over little things. 
  Wait...I'm pretty sure I already do that.
Crazy parents. 

--I mean...anxious parents.
Just like me, an anxious teacher.

But I'll get through it!

However, there are some things that I've realized over this summer...

Have you learned anything new this summer?
About yourself?
About your capabilities?

Home Sweet Home


It is August, blogosphere!

Last week, I got to hang out with my wonderful and longtime friend, Jordan. We caught up over some Starbucks lattes in the beautiful Fall-like weather. It's back to summer this week though...
Wednesday, me and a few other friends said farewell to our old coworker/friend, Elena, as she heads over to California today for a new adventure! We will miss you!!!! 
That evening I went to dinner with Jason's sister-in-law, Cheryl, her brother's girlfriend, Jenn, and Cheryl's coworker, Christine. It was so much fun to have some girl time throughout the week. Especially when I actually have the time to do it before the chaos begins!

I went home this past weekend.
Got to see my two nieces.
Do some Back to School shopping.
A bit of crafting for my class.
Cleaning out some of my old things in the attic.
And just hang out with family.

So...without further ado, enjoy my weekend through these pictures.

Today, I'm just doing a bit of reading/note taking, like the big nerd that I have  help me ready myself for the first six week of school, as the book title suggests itself to. Other than that, hanging out, being awesome, and trying a new teriyaki chicken recipe is what is in store for the remainder of the day.

Happy Tuesday, Lovies!

What did you do this past weekend?
Any other teachers looking forward to going back?
Just fill me in on your life! 

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