I Heart Yoga, Books, & Kid Conversations


I have a happy, yet bittersweet heart.

Some of my kiddos paying buddy games during math this afternoon.
Today, I said goodbye to one of my students whose last day it was before she and her family move to Salt Lake City, Utah. Her confidence has grown tremendously this year and I will miss her spunky personality. We also had lunch together in the classroom with two other buddies. It was pretty much like having friends with my current friends talking about life, death, dogs, babies, marriage. One of them mentioning that she didn't want to get married! Ewww...was more her reaction. But...as one door closes...

I already got an email this morning saying that I was getting a new student starting Monday. Fortunately, it is another girl, but unfortunately...I know nothing about her; personality, academics, attitude. There are so many factors and fears that go in to getting a new student. And one in the middle of the year at that. *Fingers crossed!*

My new shoes...yay!
On a few other notes, me and Jason are three weeks in to 30 Days of Yoga! It has been so refreshing to have a workout routine that is not mundane and the same. Each day is a different routine and whether I'm in a good mood or not, I become relaxed as soon as I dive in to the practice. Is anyone else doing this? I'd love to know your thoughts if you are, no matter what day you are on!

I also finished Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan...my first book read in 2015! One down...who knows how many more to go for this year! It was definitely written in the voice of a male senior in high school and makes you really dislike some of the characters for various reasons. It opened my eyes a bit, though, to know what people could go through and their actions are for those with untold mental disorders, loss/grief, and into the mind of someone with ADHD. I haven't experienced many of these things, so to see from another point of view was interesting.

I am currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and have heard mixed reviews on it, but I am going to stick with it since it is something that I actually wanted to read. Maybe I'll get through it this weekend since Jason will be working. I also went crazy with my Scholastic bonus points and ordered 13 books that arrived this week as well as put in an order for two more with my last parent order. Oops?...Looks like I'll be busy for awhile when I do get the chance to read.

New books make my heart so happy!
What are your plans for the weekend?

Cleaning Can be Therapeutic.


Sunday afternoon.

Chili in the crock pot.
Downstairs has been vacuumed.
New credit card activated.
Kitchen cleaned.

[Items above not listed in the order they were completed.]

It feels good when you empty the little compartment in the vacuum cleaner that holds all the grossness and you're like, "Whoa...this place gets dusty...fast!" But then you're like, "Heyyyy...clean house, happy heart. What!" Yeah, something along those lines.

Yesterday was a lovely Saturday. It started with a little yoga with the man. Got ourselves cleaned up before heading over to True Food Kitchen for some brunch. I tend to gravitate toward breakfast burritos wherever I go for brunch. I joked to Jason that I have to see who has the best one! While we waited for a table, however, we popped in to Target and picked up a few things...including [two weeks later...] a new planner and Fight Club! Yes, Jason and I just got a Blu-Ray player recently, so we needed an actual Blu-Ray movie for our collection of regular DVDs. We are moving in to the 21st Century, ladies and gentlemen.

After a quick trip to the Home Depot and Giant, we headed home to hang out, nap, make dinner, and finish out the night by watching Boyhood. I must say, I really did enjoy it! It was interesting to watch all of the characters develop/grow in to who they became by the end of the movie. You went through different emotions with them as well while they went through different situatinos throughout. Anyone else seen this? Thoughts?

Time to enjoy the rest of my afternoon by doing who knows what...A bit more reading? Adding things to my new planner? I'm not sure, but I sure will make the most of Saturday #2! [We're off tomorrow in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.] Happy Sunday, lovies!



It is a "snow day," however...we didn't get much of the snow. I'd say it was a light dusting, but you can't really predict all that it will do no matter what the forecast says. So...I took advantage of the day by sleeping in, doing two days worth of yoga with Jason [we are finally where we need to be for our 30 Days of Yoga], made us a cute brunch, had my coffee, hooked up our new Blu-Ray player, and just put our new sheets in the washer. Productivity at its' finest.

Right now, I am honestly just taking in this time away from the hustle and bustle of work, of the stress that comes so easily with my job, and taking in the sounds of the music in the background, the sounds of the washing machine, the lights on the tree [don't judge...it'll come down in a few weeks. SHHH...]

I love these moments.

A day off in the middle of the week?

And...that's all I've got for you. I hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday.
Anything exciting going on in your lives?
Any good workouts you're doing?
Recipes I should know about?

Let me know what's up!