Two sets of gifts from parents today-- In love with the personalized office supplies!

I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed of myself for the behaviors of the kids in my class or for the parents of those kids. Or if I'm just over thinking things. We had our holiday party today and there were far too many parents there. I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding on the sign up and who was actually supposed to come help out, but I think there ended up being 13 parents in my room with the kids?! And...most didn't leave until the very end of the day.

It was rough for me. I stepped out of the room at one point for a good ten minutes and just talked with one of my room mom's.

My kids were loud.
Yes, they were excited.
They were sugar-hyped.

But I still wonder, does their behavior reflect on me or the parents? Or both? I just get so anxious of others who come in to my classroom and wonder what they think of what is going on. I get nervous. I can't read minds. I don't have a clue what is going on. I just hope they were glad to be a part of what was going on...No matter how stirred up they were.

Dec. 4: Came home. Turned on the tree. Felt a bit blurry myself, but love this sight.

On another note...

Jason and I went home last weekend to meet my new niece and see my sister, Caroline, from New Orleans. Hazel is almost two months old and has the chubbiest baby cheeks ever. It was nice to spend time with my family along with Jason. He pretty much decorated our entire tree at my Mom's house by himself. Brownie points.

Tonight...I'm at home watching TV by myself. Reflecting on this school year so far. Over-analyzing. Over thinking. This is the only down side of having time to myself. It's hard not to think. I'm gonna make a cup of tea, maybe read some more of the book I started last night [I just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowel-- check it out!], continue watching TV, or perhaps some Netflix. So many options...hard to choose!

This was unplanned.
This nugget...Hazel.
Beautifully decorated tree with the best.

Thanksgiving through Pictures


I had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break spent at home with family. I got to hang out, read a whole bunch, and do a little shopping. I came back Saturday night, put up the tree, and then yesterday, Jason and I decorated and made it look festive. Now I have to get through three more weeks of work before Winter break arrives.

Here is a look through pictures of my Thanksgiving break as well as a few from today...Kid work-- I apologize ahead of time for the...inappropriate humor on one of the pictures. 
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Grateful. Thankful. Yep, Pretty Full...


Outside for recess last week on a super cold day!
I can't believe Thanksgiving is in just a few more days. Even though I can be a major grouch, I am grateful for so much this year.

  • A place to live with the one crazy guy that I love more than anything.
  • Employment-- I may not love my job every single day with the stress it can put on me, but I am so happy to have a job and that I am making an income.
  • The holidays...I dunno, there is just something about this time of year that makes me smile. [I guess, and the fact that I have a place to go nuts with for decorating. Although, I haven't gotten there, yet.]
  • A kitchen of my own! Well, sorta. I love that I am finally free to explore my cooking abilities. I have never spent as much time in a kitchen [cooking] than I do now. It's therapeutic when I have the time and I succeed in what I'm making.
  • Great books-- I'm not sure how many books I've read this year, but I did just put another one on my list over the weekend that I have finished-- Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Such a powerful story that I would recommend to all.
  • My family...Although I haven't seen them nearly as much as I would have liked, they're still a pretty funny bunch and I have a new niece who's just over a month old.
New books!
There is so much more than I am thankful for, but there's the short version for you. I hope everyone has such a wonderful Thanksgiving...whether you're spending it with family or friends, traveling,  or just staying in, have a happy day. I'm headed home on Thursday to spend a few days with some of the family and restock on toilet paper! Woohoo!

My Sunday cup of coffee, supplies, and book #2.