Shopping, Football, & Exhaustion


Hands on learning last week in math!

It is Monday and I feel like I would at the end of a Friday after a long week. I'm exhausted. Partially because I didn't get enough sleep last night and also because my kids are crazy and wear me out. Daily.

I'm finally showered up, hair dried, and sitting in front of the TV zoning out.

This past weekend I got myself to go out and do a bit of shopping! Ended up with a cute new pair of booties, another awesome pair of pixie pants from Old Navy, and a ton of groceries for this week! On Sunday, Jason and I had a lazy day of football watching and relaxing...Redskins crushed the Jaguars. If only we could continue to play like we did for that game...the whole series. We will find out.

I'm hoping this week goes smoothly with my kiddos. They have been chatty and are starting to get a bit grabby with one another. Well, the boys are having an issue keeping their hands to themselves. I don't want to start seeing a trend already. Trying to avoid all the chaos that happened my first year and trying to keep parent happy!

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?
How do you deal with chaos in your life?
Saturday before running errands.

It's True What They Say...


Saturday after running errands.

When there is a full moon, it completely affects the kids the next day.
It's so odd to think, but so true. My kids were nuts yesterday!!

Completely off.

Today, honestly, went fairly smooth. Yes, they have their moments when they just want to talk.

and talk.
and talk.

But today has been the best out of the eight days we have spent together.
Progress, people...Progress.

One of my kids was out on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday when I came to pick them up from lunch, he said, "Ms. Harris, I missed you when I was gone." Sweetest comment of the day. Made me feel good that he wants to be at school. I want all my students to feel that way!

My kids are such wonderful helpers...especially when I'm not prepared for something. They will step in to offer their help. They also love to read which makes me so excited, but I haven't been able to "open" our classroom library just yet. They are all getting anxious about checking out those books!

Tuesday was Back to School Night and all I can say about that is 1. Parents are scary. And 2. I'm glad that it's OVER! I was super nervous during the first of two sessions, but felt fine during the second. I realized a lot of important things that I probably should have spoken of, but totally didn't think of until after the night was over.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have [almost] survived week two! Hoping for a good day..
My sample of what my kiddos made on Monday!
Final David product!-- First Grade Rules!

Keep Dreamin'


I have had quite the week.

I must admit, it's been pretty refreshing for the most part with a few boy problems. No, not my own boy, but first grade boys. There are still those few who just can't figure out that they aren't in charge of the class or there are certain things they should not do.

Other than that, the kids have been pretty wonderful. They aren't afraid to share their ideas and some are just flat out silly, which I love...I've gotten a ton of smiles from kids I wouldn't have expected and even some sweet hugs at the end of the day. It's making this teaching thing a bit more bearable.

I'm exhausted after just four days, but am looking forward...[for the most part] to this year. I can only hope that some of these kiddos can adjust their attitudes and their current lack of control.

Happy Weekend!
What are your plans?