Virginia Tech: 4.16


Last year I finally opened up about what happened on April 16, 2007. Today marks eight years to the day. My beautiful friend has triumphed and is getting married next weekend. I am so proud of her and glad to call her my friend.

Please read the post here: Virginia Tech.

Make the Change.


This past Winter I was lazy.
There...I said it.

When we had a snow day, I chose to read rather than actually work out.
To put it simply, this took a toll on my body.
And not in a way that I liked.

I've always been "petite."

Whatever you want to call it. And by no means would I consider myself "big."
However...I'm not as confident in the way that I see my body as I used to be. I'm not "in shape." No matter what people see when they look at me, it's how I see myself that is bothersome.
With the laziness and inactivity, you don't all-of-a-sudden get fit.
Just by thinking these thoughts of wanting to get motivated and back in shape doesn't mean it happens automatically.

You have to do something about it.
You have to get up and MOVE.

I noticed a major change in my body over the past few months.
I was feeling different. Not myself. Not good.

So while on vacation, Jason and I hiked. [It is a lot harder than I thought it would be.]
Steep hill.

We also went walking while Jason played disc golf. Same thing.
Up. Down. Up...up...up.

I realized many times over the Winter and vacation...and when we got back...that I need to do something about the way that I feel. Sitting around isn't going to change how I see myself.

So I, for the hundredth time, am working out again. I am finding challenging workouts from FitnessBlender on Youtube to get me going...And even though they are more strenuous than I'd like, I am going to see the change that I want if I stick with it. Because that is what I want. If I believe I can do it and actually stick with it, I will get to where I want to be.

//End rant.

Asheville-cation Cont'd.


Here are just a few more pictures from our Asheville trip. I know my post yesterday was fairly overwhelming with tons of pictures! Happy Monday!

Time together in the mountains.
Got to enjoy my book and a cup of coffee without any rush each morning.
Sierra Nevada Brewery was perfection.
Disc golfing the last whole at Richmond Hill.
Jason's fortune-- so accurate of him.
Asheville Art.

There are so many places that we wanted to go, but will have to wait until our next visit. Such a beautiful place to go though...Much more relaxed vibe and slower pace.