Return of the...Beach-Goers?


Three Weeks Later...

I am most certain that I've woken up about an hour earlier each day within the past week. Jason and I arrived home last night from the beach just after midnight; I didn't go to bed until after 1:30am, and woke up around 7:45. Here I am now.

Sore throaty.

There seems to be a trend happening in my life around significant dates. Yes, my birthday is tomorrow and I'm feelin' good. Or not so good. I was sick for a good two weeks last year right after school let out on Jason's birthday...don't worry, he was at the beach at the time while I was still working...He came home the day before my birthday when we had reservations to an awesome steakhouse in D.C., had to cancel because I felt so terrible, ended up going to Medicare or whatever it's called on my actual birthday to see what in the world was wrong with me, then celebrated our three year anniversary at home with a nice lunch since Jason then had to work in the evening.

Talk about good timing.

I'm hoping this stupidness will leave my body very soon so I can enjoy a wonderful birthday, anniversary, and start to my summer vacation.

Speaking of...I had a fabulous time at the beach with Jason's family and a quick trip in between to Savannah, about a charming little place! I would recommend visiting...maybe just not in the summer months when it's hot, humid, sticky, etc...and you walk. Everywhere. Which was wonderful and convenient, just uncomfortable at times in the heat. (Savannah pictures to come...just not on this post.)

Now back to reality in Northern Virginia whilst on vacation.

Home Stretch...


I made an updated list...but about half of this is finished!

All I can really say is that I have two more work weeks until school is out for summer. I've gotten a lot checked off my to-do list, but still have a few things that I have to finish within the next few days...I'm still crossing my fingers that my admin will check me out of my room for the summer on the 19th so that Jason and I can head down to Kiawah Island, SC the following day.

Went to the pool for an hour yesterday [6.6]. Most perfect pool day.

I am trying to finish 30 Day Shred before we head down to the beach as well, so if I can keep it up the next two weeks, I'll be good to go! I have nine more workouts to complete! Almost there...

I am so excited to sit on the beach.
Get a tan.
Read a ton of books.
Move. [There is stress that comes with this...Actually finding a decent place. Packing. Unpacking.]

Last Saturday [5.30] morning

I am headed home on Saturday for a bit of a family reunion as one of my sister's moved back to Virginia and my nephew is turning three on Tuesday! [Another niece turns 11 tomorrow and another niece turns two next Monday!] Lots to celebrate...Jason and I also have June birthdays, but I'll save those for another post since they are at the end of the month.

Well...Here's to getting through two more work weeks and one more weekend before I can officially throw off my cap to Summer vacation!

Monday's [6.2] dinner. Only the best.



I feel like I'm in overdrive and can't stop.

Our air conditioner at the house stopped working again last night. That's the second time within the past few weeks and on the hottest weeks of Spring thus far!

I have tested [and am still testing...] all of my kids for reading. But don't know if I should keep going or stop. I'm pushed in one direction so that they make a year's growth. I'm going another way to stop so that they will be at a strong spot for the start of second grade.


I have to give my kids a math assessment next week with basically an overview of what they have learned this year.

They are getting ready for their performance of Fifty Nifty in about two weeks.
My room mom's have to plan an end of the year celebration for my class. I mentioned to them that I wanted something low key and simple and they agreed on that idea!
I found out today that all grades need to be in by June 8th. Our last day of school is June 19th. WHAT?!
I have to put my evaluation packet together for my teaching year.
I need a break from excessive parent emails.
And nit-picking.

I'm just nervous I'm not going to make it in time to get all of this completed.

I need a little bit more time and a lotta bit more energy to keep me going!

And on that note...
[A breath.]
This makes my heart happy: New Books.