Today, We Are All Hokies


Seven years ago today.
Monday, April 16, 2007.

I was a freshman in college.

After finishing up my Religion class for the morning, I headed to the Johnson Center to meet up for lunch with a few of my roommates/hall-mates. I was sitting on the main level waiting for them to show up when I received a text from my friend from back home. It said something along the lines of-- There's been a shooting at Tech. H.M. was shot, but is alright.

My body froze.
I was internally panicking.

What was I supposed to do?
How is one supposed to react?
What happened?

My friends finally showed up and I told them that there had been a shooting at Virginia Tech. I went to lunch. Worried. I remember talking to my friend, Taylor, on the phone about it and if anyone had anymore information about what had happened and about H.M., to call.

One of my roommates and I had an IT class right after lunch and I remember going to the class together, but stepping out before it started to call my Mom and let her know. As I was explaining to her what I knew, I broke down. One of my best friend's had been shot. I went back in to the class after getting off the phone with her and told my roommate, "I can't stay here...I have to go." It was too hard to grasp.

This was one of the hardest days of my life. To find out that someone so close to me had been hurt. Hurt for no reason at all. Hurt by someone who didn't know my friend and who my friend didn't know! Nobody deserves that kind of pain. Internally or externally.

The story of what exactly happened to my friend isn't mine to tell, but I have never written about what happened to me that day. How it affected who I am. The pain that it caused me. I am fortunate to say that my friend survived that heart-wrenching day; that she did not give up on anything because of what happened; that she is one of the strongest people I know; that she has taken on so much since then...has seen the world, has shared her story. And I am beyond grateful to still call her my friend today.

H.M. I love you. Thank you for showing us that we can still move on despite what happens in this ridiculous world.

Peaceful Day


Great way to start the day.

Today has been peaceful, thus far. Showered. Started laundry. Got a coffee and donut from Dunkin Donuts. Got myself together. Went to Target to pick up a few things. Not to mention, it was lovely at Target. Early Monday afternoon during the county's Spring Break. Perfect time to run errands. Came home. Put laundry away. Made my bed. Swiffered my room.

Shall I go on?

I headed over to my old place to feed the dogs and let them out, as well as make dinner. The oven here is much more reliable than the one at my current location. Now I've got dinner ready for Jason and will be seeing him after he gets off work!

Spring Break? Not too bad so far...

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be lousy with rain all day. Not sure what plans are in store. Maybe I'll spend it reading. I'm finally on the last book of the Divergent series, Allegiant. Can't wait to finish that up! Ahh...reading is one of those little treasures that some people have to find time for! I am fortunate to have gotten a lot of it in this year!

Any book recommendations?
How's the weather where you are?
Any big plans for the remainder of the week?

A Week to Just...Relax?


Today was gorgeous.
The weather was perfect.
The company was the best.

I was unplugged the majority of the day.
Met up with Jason at Whole Foods before heading back to my old place to take care of the pups, eat some lunch, and then I just sat out and read while Jason headed to his brother's for a few hours.

No interruptions.
No responsibilities for the next week.
This is my Spring Break.
Unfortunately the weather won't be as lovely as it's been this week, but I am still going to make the most of the week! Get a bunch of reading in, spend time with Jason when I can, hopefully go bowling, maybe some girl time in there at some point!

Time to relax.
Time to do whatever I please.
Time to sleep in. [If I can...]

I hope everyone has a lovely week and had a fabulous weekend as well!
What did you do? How was the weather? Anything exciting planned for the coming week?