Productive Enough.


Girl, Stolen & Chai Tea Latte.

Yesterday's freezing rain caused a cancellation in school today.

  • I managed to call my insurance company today to take care of the change of my car on my policy.
  • I finished one book and am now halfway through another. 
  • I was home to sign for Jason's beers that we missed getting last week. 
  • I showered.
  • I got some papers graded/recorded.
  • Now dinner is in the oven.
It's productive enough for me.

Now I will get back to reading. Anybody else going to catch The Women Tell All tonight for The Bachelor? I can't believe next week is finally the finale!

Okay, counting down to the weekend. Four days. 
Counting down til I drive my new wheels again. 14 hours. Got it.

Let's Review...


Well, I officially failed at blogging in the month of February, but come on...I had better things to do! Not really, but we can just pretend.

To catch you up...
  • We had some snow days here and there...and it was glorious.
  • I read a bunch of books.

  • I did a five day workout challenge...and have been meaning to start the next one, but sometimes it's just easier to do other things. Don't judge.

  • We, somehow, made it to our 100th day at school in between those snow days.

  • I bought a car. Yesterday. Friday night I was searching Carmax because I've had an itch to get a new car throughout the past year or so, but was too nervous to take the plunge since my little 2006 Ford Focus had been treating me just right and was already paid off. But after searching...and Jason came home from work Friday night, I told him I found the perfect car for me. Could we go and check it out the next day? He agreed and we were up early, headed to Carmax, test driving a beautiful car. And somehow I ended up trading mine in and driving home in a new-to-me 2012 Kia Optima EX! It. Is. Gorgeous.
  • I just booked me and Jason's stay for Spring Break in Asheville, NC! We haven't gotten to travel together in forever, so this will definitely be a much needed trip for the both of us.
  • We watched Gone Girl last night. Yep, ridiculously psychotic awesome movie.
That about does it. It's been a pretty lazy month with the low temps and snow taking over. As much as I'm all for my snow days, I'd love the weather to warm up so I can spend a few extra minutes outside and less time warming up my car. Here are some other pictures from the past month when Jason bought me flowers, wrote me a cute note, and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast for dinner. Ciao!

Journey #1 is Almost Complete


I have an obsession...

I am kid free for the next four days... Wee! It's the end of the second quarter at school, so Friday and Monday are planning and professional development days. Tomorrow is my attempt to finish up the last few grades that I need to complete for my kiddos and once those are all complete I will feel a bit better knowing that they are out of the way and I can enjoy my weekend before heading back on Monday for training and more planning.

I have a couple of days from 30 Days of Yoga to catch up on with Jason, but I cannot believe Saturday will be the last day of the 30 days! I watched one of Adriene's vlogs that she posted the other day on her YouTube channel saying that she was going to be adding some other videos for a few other programs...Reboot (29 day journey) and Empower (30 day journey) if anyone wanted to continue with something else after the 30 days are over! I'm pretty excited to see what those entail.

Just a few other things...
  • Today marks five more months until my 27th birthday...because I know you were wondering and are just as excited as I am. 
  • It's almost February. Say WHAT!
  • I am somehow reading three books at once...but really just two. [I started one...over the summer...and am having a difficult time actually finishing it, but I want to finish it!]
  • I hope everyone is caught up on The Bachelor, Pretty Little Lairs, American Idol, and all are ready bawl their eyeballs out for the series finale of Parenthood. That show is the absolute best and incredibly relatable! [Is that a word?] Well, for me, at least.
Happy Thursday!

My ladybug co-worker and the unicorn sticker she was begging for.